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02/26/09 01:43 AM #9    


Christopher Hagen

hey! when will we be able to purchase reunion tickets?

03/01/09 04:25 PM #10    

Rhonda Jaeger (Elliott)

Ok everyone the reunion tickets are now on sale!! Check under the tab "10 Year Reunion" to purchase tickets. See you all in June!

05/04/09 03:46 PM #11    


Christopher Hagen

ok so does anyone know the dress code or the time yet?

05/05/09 05:43 AM #12    

Nicole Jenkins (Johnson)

I was just looking for the same info...dress code and time. I look forward to seeing everyone.

05/07/09 10:26 PM #13    

Rhonda Jaeger (Elliott)

Ok guys I posted some new information about dress code and the time of the reunion. We are making this cocktail attire meaning guys can wear jeans if they want. We are also having a Friday Night Mingler on June 26th at Market Street Steakhouse so make sure to join us if you are in town. Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer for you. See you all in a few weeks!

06/11/09 01:17 PM #14    


Christopher Hagen

hey i have a question for whoever. i live with 4 other people and they will be out of town towards the end of this month with the only vehicle we have. so i was curious if someone might be able to pick me up and take me home the night of nthe reunion. i live behind waterworks park in redding. Let me know.
Chris Hagen

06/16/09 02:50 AM #15    

Danae Thompson (Wooldridge)

Bethany Hill loves waterworks park! Look for her on the corkscrew! Maybe she can pick you up.

06/17/09 10:14 PM #16    

Bethany Hill (Schmidt)

I actually think Danae's boyfriend is still working at the top of the corkscrew slide, maybe if she picks him up from work the night of the reunion she could pick you up too???

06/17/09 10:36 PM #17    

Danae Thompson (Wooldridge)

He doesn't fit on my bikes handlebars anymore due to the all you can eat hot dogs and nachos they provide to their 10 year employees. It really pays to have boyfriends in high places.

Actually here is my and Bethany's boyfriends making fire and headbanging at Shasta Lake. Good times!

06/18/09 11:44 AM #18    

Bethany Hill (Schmidt)

Gosh, I don't know how your boyfriend Todd kept going for that long. I was getting so dizzy video taping them. That was a really fun trip, we will have to do that again!!!

06/19/09 08:48 PM #19    


Christopher Hagen

hey if any of you have heard of secondlife online, i'm a dj on there. if you are on secondlife, look me up. My avatar's name is: Irving Ghost

06/28/09 11:02 AM #20    


Christopher Hagen

thanks for the great time last night all! i had a blast! sorry i left early :( i know a lot of you wanted my phone number and i didnt get the chance to give it to ya'll. so here it is: 530-605-1445 and my email is:

chris hagen

ps ` Jeremy Wright - Thanks for the drinks. I'll get ya back sometime

06/28/09 01:33 PM #21    

Crystal King

I misplaced my camera at the reunion..anyone come across it??

06/30/09 04:25 AM #22    

Rhonda Jaeger (Elliott)

I didn't find a camera but I did find a pair of brown sunglasses. Anyone want to claim them??

07/01/09 01:33 AM #23    

Bonnie Landles-Dowling

ash has it crystal.

07/02/09 05:26 PM #24    

Crystal King

Thanks!!! :)

07/05/09 06:48 PM #25    

Don Richardson


How do we view the pictures taken by the photographers at the reunion? Will there be a link posted soon?


Don & Emily Richardson

07/09/09 06:57 AM #26    

Rhonda Jaeger (Elliott)

Hi Don,
Our photographer's name is Tricia and you can email her at She is working on the photos now and she'll be selling the CDs for $12 instead of $15. You can email her and find out more info if you're interested. Let me know if you have any other questions!


07/13/09 06:06 PM #27    


Christopher Hagen

hey i miss ya'll already lol. anyone wanna kick it sometime?

10/25/09 07:41 PM #28    


Christopher Hagen

hey everyone! im getting married on 2/14/2010

12/02/09 01:15 AM #29    


Christopher Hagen

hey ya'll are quiet
what happened to the spirit of 1999? GO WOLF PACK!!!

05/06/10 01:12 AM #30    


Christopher Hagen

hi people!! :P

04/01/12 11:26 AM #31    


Christopher Hagen

hi people!

03/24/14 10:29 PM #32    


Christopher Hagen

Hey ya'll? There gonna be a meet n greet this year? can someone call me and let me know? 870-783-2202 thankies

04/04/18 05:52 PM #33    


Christopher Hagen

*waves hello to everyone* how y'all doin out yonder?

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